800Craft 0.206 has been released!

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800Craft 0.206 has been released! Empty 800Craft 0.206 has been released!

Post  WaterGod469 on Sun Jul 22, 2012 5:32 pm

800Craft 0.206 has been released! Here are some new changes to expect when the server finally gets back up:

Added Conwey's Game of Life: /Life
Added /Realm Physics (excludes TNT physics)
Updated the tooltip so it also shows information on 800craft commands. (Thanks WaterGod469)
Added new ServerGUI logBox, complete with adjustable text sizes, log colors and 7 color schemes
/Slap and /Kill now show how long you have left until you can next use the command
Added side of the world removal and air block for edge textures (/Env worldName sides on/off)
Added 6 new /Env textures for terrain (thanks Moufisto)
Added a way to reload swear words (/Reload Swears)
Added /Nick as an easier way to change a player's name
Added /Possess
Added /Unpossess

fixed some /List items not announcing when 0 results were found
fixed a color bleed in the SpamKickMessage (thanks Rebelliousdude)
/Where is now for everyone who can build, unless a target player is chosen (requires ViewOthersInfo)
Every command is now checked for the owner rank by default (Thanks WaterGod469)
Fixed up /Env code for terrain
Fixed a null bug in /Env terrain
Physics: Fixed a problem with air squashing plants / creating dirt where grass was.
/Place now places the block at your feet, as intended
Fixed up irc sending events
Removed /Troll
Removed global chat due to issues with espernet
TNT can no longer explode on click
Fixed an issue with TNT exploding in a zone.
Fixed up a null math bug
Fixed a null bug in /removedoor playerName

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