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Post  1029z on Mon Jul 02, 2012 3:15 pm

I am currently 16 years old nearly 17, and I have had previous experience being a SuperOp (1 before Admin) on a different server. I had that position for a few months before the server shutdown. Since then I have been on an SMP server and have been recommended by staff to be promoted. I have only been on Visicraft for a total of 28.3 hours (when this was written).
I believe you should hire me, not just for my experience in Moderation, but because i try to help people as much as possible and punish those who defy the rules.
If hired: I plan to stay on this server for as long as it's online
I am most active at around 1am to 7am server time as I live in Australia. This would be advantageous as when I have been on previously there were no other Ops+ for about 3 hours.
You ask me what my motivation is? Well here it is - "To Serve and Protect this Server" (<--- lol?)
I do however have one Admin+ recommendation. That is Baj94 as he is awesome, and does his job well
Than you for you time RAZOR
(P.S. I use proper spelling and grammar on the server as it is important to speak proper English as some people aren't native to the langauge)

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