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Post  1029z on Mon Jul 02, 2012 4:13 am

Chat rules that apply on the server, will apply here on the forum, and failure to follow this set of rules will result in punishment.
1. Do not spam
2. Do not use all caps.
3. You are allowed to swear, just don't do it excessively.
4. Do not be prejudice in any form.
5. Don't be disrespectful to staff, or anyone in that matter.
6. Do not advertise other servers.
7. Don't try to start stupid arguments or flame another person. (Constant picking on, or personal attacks)
8. If your application or appeal was denied, don't annoy staff about it.
9. If you have the ability to delete posts or threads, always have a valid reason for doing so.
10. Don't argue with staff, we know the rules better than you do.
11. No pornography

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